Eviden's Copilot Adoption and Organizational Change Management 6 Months Implementation

Eviden International France - SAS

We provide customers with a comprehensive Organizational Change Management Adoption Plan that can transform, streamline, optimize, and empower people while transitioning to Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Solution Features:

  • Eviden's offering for Microsoft 365 Copilot results in a customized and smooth Copilot experience for customers.
  • Eviden Change & User AI Adoption Approach includes high-level business and user engagement plan, AI adoption roadmap, marketing campaign, training, adoption, and continuous improvement.

Benefits: Increased efficiency, enhanced code quality, reduced workload, accelerated learning, and streamlined collaboration.

Microsoft Value: Having Microsoft as our technology partner ensures seamless integration, accelerated time-to-value, and future-ready tech for our solutions. It also ensures a better-packaged offering for our clients.

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