Citizen COE Kickstart: 4-Wk Assessment

EY Global

Drive innovation while providing standards and governance

Technology assessment

  • Gap analysis to expose current power platform uses and understand future needs with a focus on Dynamics 365

  • List of applications currently using and in the process of being built

  • Understanding where Flow can alleviate code heavy processes

COE starter kit

  • Microsoft Dynamics based solution install

30 day kickstart

  • Kickstart materials will be organized and exposed using Microsoft ADO

  • License review

  • Recommendations on where and how you can start using PowerApps

  • Recommendations on how Power BI can help streamline reporting

Description summary

As businesses become more technology-enabled, there are two competing priorities: the rapid enablement of results for the business, and the governance and control of risk by technology. These competing priorities, when left unchecked, result in Shadow-IT spending, heavy staffing models, and compliance and regulatory risks.

Our Center of Enablement (COE) services consist of leading practices that are designed to help provide organizations with the tools needed to set up a COE. The solution consists of assessing your current technology needs, the installation and configuration of the Microsoft COE starter kit, and a recommended 30 day next action plan. Our goal is to empower IT with the control and security they need, while allowing the freedom and creativity of citizen developers within the business.

Partnering with EY as you start your journey allows clients to learn from previous industry approaches, reducing risks and increasing the chance of success for your organization.

The assessment work is estimated to span 4 weeks, with two dedicated resources assigned to the assessment. Variables that would impact the estimate include the size of the existing power apps portfolio (if applicable), and complexity of the company (e.g. number of business units, number of regulations in the companies industry.

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