GoDaddy Office 365 Defederation:1-D Implementation


Convert your GoDaddy Office 365 tenant into a standard Microsoft Office 365 Tenant

Kick GoDaddy and other 3rd parties out of your tenant and retake internal control of your systems.

When purchasing Microsoft products through 3rd parties like GoDaddy, users identities are stored in GoDaddy and they control the user and password information. This poses a problem for many businesses looking to manage certain features of their tenant, and unfortunately, they are stuck using 3rd party admin portals instead of Office 365 directly. We help remove GoDaddy and put the identities back in Microsoft Azure AD so you can manage features, add new programs, and add/remove employees.

Finchloom can help your business regain Global Admin rights in your tenant and be able to deploy new technologies like Teams, Endpoint Manager/Intune, and Phone Systems. Traditionally, there is a catch 22 in this situation. If customers have invested years of time into the Microsoft programs that a 3rd party has provided, and they want to switch to a new tenant, they have to choose the lesser of two evils. Messy migrations to an Office 365 mailbox, and then moving again risking losing everything and starting over with a CSP, or maintaining the ties with the 3rd party and paying higher premiums for less access to the services that are being paid for.

Finchloom has identified a way to kick out the 3rd party without migration. Instead of utilizing the previous identity provider, we will utilize Azure AD and associate ourselves with the tenant as a CSP. As an authorized reseller of Microsoft, Finchloom then becomes a delegated admin of the account, and with the permission of the customer, will become their CSP partner.

Finchloom as a CSP can help you if you are facing issues with your current provider. If you need specific Microsoft services, you send a request to Finchloom and we either solve it, or escalate it directly where it needs to go. No more extended implementation times.

If you feel like you do not have control over your tenant, Finchloom can help you take back control.

Finchloom is a 100% Microsoft focused, direct Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and reseller of Microsoft 365 and Azure Subscriptions and services. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, providing professional services, managed services, and recruiting services to mid-market and enterprise customers across the United States. Finchloom’s deep expertise in Azure, Teams, SharePoint, and Security enables us to offer a variety of services including project design, implementation, management, augmentation, license and security audits, and empowers our clients to innovate through collaboration with the best in Microsoft engineering.

If you would like to learn more about the GoDaddy defederation service that Finchloom offers and/or participate in a free discovery call, click the contact button above.

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