Firstsource Low Code Solutions – 4 to 6 weeks Implementation


If you are running various processes on excel sheets, you can rapidly kick-off to deployment of custom low-code apps in 4 weeks. We will help you go digital using Power Apps Solutions.

With Firstsource Low Code Solutions, customers can rapidly transform their spreadsheet based processes into fully functional, cloud ready applications. We work with our customers to rapidly develop and implement low code business applications that replace error prone, manually intensive, spreadsheet based processes. These low code business applications are fully customized to your business process and integrate with PowerBI for helping you monitor and manage the process through insightful dashboards. Since we use PowerApps platform, these applications are cloud ready and scalable. We also ensure we provide support services to help you maximize the value of the Low Code Solutions.

In order to enable this digital transformation, we follow a five step model:

a) Analysis - We analyze the existing processes and map out the steps involved along with the data that is captured and showcased. We then help you conceptualize a functioning application that can replace the existing process with application forms, fields, pages, user roles, and analytics

b) Design - We design the application workflow, user interfaces, user roles, integration with active directory and other applications, application structure, and other relevant components.

c) Develop - Using agile methodology, we develop, test and deploy the application for UAT in sprints. Usually the first sprint takes about 2 weeks and then subsequent sprints on a weekly basis for UAT. In about four weeks, we will have the application ready for user consumption with any historical data migrated into the new application. We will also be ensuring all required users have appropriate user access through Active Directory.

d) Implement - We move the application from a dev environment to a production environment for UAT and acceptance testing. Once done. we will run a training for the business users, and help you launch the application for use. We support the end users with any queries, issues, and guidance in using the new process. This can be for a limited duration or for a period of time as required by the customers.

e) Evaluate: We help you evaluate the effectiveness of the now digitized process by measuring and monitoring process KPIs in comparison to prior go-live and also help collate any improvisation and optimization of the applications that can be taken up in further sprints.

*Every application is of different complexity and the pricing we have provided is an estimate of a simple complexity application. Final prices for the same will be arrived at based on the requirements of the screens, workflows, integrations, etc.

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