Intelligent Intranet and Files: 2-Wk Assessment

FSI Strategies

Assess current environment to develop a roadmap for an organization's digital transformation to a platform, to securely view and collaborate on content, while effectively connecting and communicating.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Intranet is Microsoft’s Document Sharing and collaboration ecosystem. It is a combination of collaborative platforms comprising SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. SharePoint in its simplest iteration, it is a web-based document management and sharing platform that can be used to replace a premise-(server) based File Share. Through the use of selective synchronization, SharePoint folders can be synchronized to a user’s desktop (Mac or PC), or even a mobile device, for browser-less access while maintaining a minimal storage footprint with on-demand downloads. The added benefit to this platform is that shared documents can be securely accessed anywhere in the world with internet access through a web browser via your Microsoft Office 365 authentication credentials. OneDrive functions as a web-based personal folder with the ability to share specific libraries or file-level documents with colleagues, both internally and externally. Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.

The Intelligent Intranet can do a lot more than store files; however: when used in conjunction with PowerApps and Workflows, it can be a transformative web-based application and automation utility to facilitate business processes. Examples of advanced configuration that we could demonstrate for you include:

Forms and approval workflows for submitting and approving vacation requests and displaying this data on a calendar

Applications to track and approve expense reports

Complex file libraries with granular access and editing permissions

Comprehensive meta-tagging and search capabilities

Data loss prevention policies to ensure data is not shared and is encrypted even when downloaded

Project Scope Includes the Following: Project Management -Planning & Preparation - General -Discovery Assessment -Resource Coordination -Time Billing -Engineer Prep – General -Project Kickoff Meeting -Weekly Status meeting, as needed -End-User Communications -Secure Site / Application Access -Project Timeline Planning

Week 1: Discovery & Planning -Demonstrate Capabilities of SharePoint -Identify and map customers current data repositories -Identify customers current data classification schema -Designate Shared Data for SharePoint & Teams -Designate Personal Data for OneDrive -Designate Archival data for Cold Storage

Week 2: -Design & Feature Working Sessions (3-5 Sessions with key staff) Review use cases for SharePoint per department or group -Structure & Build Document, Approval -Permission Structure, Approval -Workflow design, as needed -Design Content Types & Taxonomy, as needed -Channel Design (Teams) -Identify Pilot User Team -Creation of Cloud Storage Policy

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