Microsoft Teams Phone: 3-Day Assessment

FSI Strategies

FSi will provide a Discovery and Assessment document reviewing the implementation plan, determined by the workshop, and a scope of work for deploying Teams Phone with Calling into an organization

Microsoft Teams Phone with calling plan is a cloud-based phone system solution from Microsoft which provides you with a cloud-based phone system built-for productivity. It integrates into Office 365 for all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, meetings, and messaging into a single application, Microsoft Teams. Teams Phone works wherever you do, on computers, smart phones, and desk phones. It uses Microsoft’s trusted cloud to deliver reliable, high-quality audio with intelligent and AI-powered capabilities. You can easily setup and manage Teams Phone from the same admin console as the rest of your Office 365 services. With all your communication and collaboration tools in one place, it makes it easier than ever to get work done. By leveraging Teams Phone when paired with Microsoft Teams, the organization will experience a cloud-based solution that brings together people, chats, meetings and documents, related to a team or project, into a single location that you securely access from anywhere. At the end of this engagement, FSi Strategies will provide a Discovery and Assessment document reviewing the implementation plan as determined by the workshop, and a scope of work for deploying Teams Phone with Calling Plan into the organization.

Goals and objectives FSi Strategies will plan an implementation of Teams Phone with Calling Plan to provide the organization with: -Enterprise-grade Phone System - Standard phone features including Voice Mail, Caller ID, shared phone lines, and emergency calling. -Domestic calling – Calls within your country or region are free. -Call menus - Lets callers choose which department or extension they want their call to be sent to.

FSi Strategies will deliver a Discovery and Assessment document including:

  • Current phone system topology
  • Planned phone system topology
  • Call Queues
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Third-Party Integration -Licensing requirements
  • Implementation and Deployment Plan

Through this engagement, FSi Strategies will:

  • Meet with key stakeholders to review best practices
  • Provide resources and recommendations to instill best practices

Day 1: Workshop SMB Teamwork Workshop – a 2-4 hour engagement with leadership and business decisions makers to: Identify business objectives and challenges a. Teams Phone Enablement b. Plan your Phone System c. Calling Features Day 2 – Discovery • Assess current technology capabilities • Evaluate current environment o Network (bandwidth and physical infrastructure) o Identify device requirements o DIDs
o Existing call flow o Existing Conferencing Solution o Existing Collaboration Solution o Identify existing or need for Contact Center/Attendant Console solutions • Assess network readiness to include bandwidth planning and network requirements • Adoption and change management plan Day 3 – Review FSi Strategies will provide a Discovery and Assessment Document and review the following:

  • Provide recommendations and best practices
  • Recommended devices per use-case
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Provide network readiness plan to address and remediate issues found during discovery

FSi Assumptions · All work will be performed remotely between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET on business days, excluding holidays, unless otherwise specified. · The Customer understands that any 3rd party participation required for this project, conducted by FSi Strategies or by the Customer, affects the outcome of this project. 3rd Party delays, errors, and other challenges attributed to 3rd party participation could delay the completion of the project. · The Customer understands that changes to the Project Scope of Work as noted in this proposal, challenges encountered during the execution of the project, and inadequate access and workspace conditions may delay the anticipated completion date of the project. · The Customer will provide FSi Strategies staff with adequate administrative access during normal business hours required to complete the project. · The Customer will provide date and times for all staff training sessions · The Customer agrees to provide FSi Strategies full access to all available business phone systems required for evaluation/discovery. · The Customer will provide a single point of contact that can provide a pilot group before the implementation phase · The Customer will provide contact information for all key personnel Client will provide list of DIDs or will request a Customer Service Record (CSR) from Losing Carrier, or provide a contact at losing carrier for FSi Strategies. · Full billing for projects will be issued after implementation phases have been completed. The project will be billed separately. Any project-related wrap-up tasks (i.e., decommission activities, backup, and monitoring removal) may be completed after billing.

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