Viva Insights Accelerator: 3-Wk Implementation


IComm's Insights Accelerator is the perfect solution to understand the metrics and focus areas in Viva Insights to grow and maintain your team's wellness & control digital burnout.

With the continued shift into hybrid working models, keeping on top of your employees’ wellbeing has never been more important.
Our team can help you identify & track patterns that can impact productivity, efficiency, employee engagement and their overall wellbeing at work by using Viva Insights.

This process starts by analysing your initial Insights report and working with your stakeholder group to uncover focus areas, and development metrics. From there, we begin engaging with the wider business by issuing an all-staff survey, interviewing a group of nominated users 1 on 1 for a deeper discussion, and then running group workshops to discuss the focus areas, and how the group feels we can improve.

Once the Discovery phase has been completed, we take the information gathered and develop a detailed strategy to help deliver success with Viva Insights. The strategy document is designed to help you get the results you’re after in the simplest way possible based on our expertise in Change Management, User Training and Organisational Psychology.

Guided by the strategy document, we will be with you every step of the way to deliver the results you’re looking for. Our adoption experts will help you get the best out of Viva Insights over a period of time, by working with your team to build their skillset and understanding of the tool for continued growth and success.

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