IBM Microsoft Platform CoE: 12 Weeks Implementation

IBM Consulting - EA

IBM Microsoft Platform CoE helps clients to create a federated model to drive Citizen Development and Pro Development on Microsoft Technology stack across the organization.

With our offering, “IBM Microsoft Platform CoE”, we enable clients to establish a core foundation (tools, people and processes) for driving lasting business value for employees and customers and developing an environment well-suited for successful adoption of game-changing solutions. It would empower the Citizen developers of the Business Functions to be self-sufficient on business & process related aspects to scale faster while the central platform, governance and enablement provides the required governance & control.

The 13-week engagement is divided in 3 phases:

  1. Showcase: a. Showcase the key capabilities of Microsoft technology stack. b. Understand and develop Strategic Vision for Microsoft Platform CoE c. Develop and validate CoE Operating Model, Team Structure, Roles and Responsibilities and Governance Model
  2. Discover: a. Conduct IBM Garage jumpstart workshops to understand Key business processes, personas, key challenges, expected business outcomes. b. Identification of use cases for MVP to be developed across MS Tech Stack
  3. MVP Build & Enable: a. Implementation of identified use cases (MVP) b. Train the champion team on MS technology stack and prepare plan to connect employees to the champion team. c. Conduct Envisioning workshops to identify next set of use cases and prepare a roadmap to streamline/automate/digitize processes and enhance collaboration.

*The timeline and cost will vary depending on scope and requirements.

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