IBM Microsoft Power Platform CoE: 5 Weeks Implementation

IBM Consulting - EA

IBM Microsoft Power Platform CoE enable clients to accelerate adoption of Power Platform, nurture organic growth, foster creativity and innovation.

With our offering "IBM Microsoft Power Platform CoE", we help enable clients to accelerate Power Platform adoption, drive organic growth while maintaining governance, foster creativity and innovation, and support better communication through shared intelligence. It helps create the right environment for the successful launch of breakthrough solutions that deliver lasting business value to your employees and customers.

This is a 5-week engagement and will comprise of 3 stages:

  1. Showcase: Evaluate Power Platform tenants against governance guidelines and conduct workshops to familiarize citizen developers with Microsoft Power Platform.
  2. Build: Organization of CoE structure and installation of Power Platform CoE tool kit.
  3. Training & Transition: Produce documentation, facilitate transition and Maintain knowledge repository.

*The timeline and cost will be determined with agreed scope and requirements

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