Power Platform ROI Evaluator by Minsait: 2 Day Workshop


In this proposal we show the ROI Evaluator designed by Minsait to evaluate the investment and the benefit of projects developed with Power Platform technology

Sometimes it is difficult to obtain clear figures for the necessary investment and benefits obtained when considering the development of solutions under Power Platform technology. With Power Platform ROI Evaluator By Minsait, it is now much easier to have clear figures of what it costs to implement a solution with Power Platform and the benefit obtained three years from now. Data such as initial investment, necessary licensing, and benefits of using the Power Platform are automatically calculated based on the input parameters and the configuration parameters that can be entered from the Power Platform ROI Evaluator By Minsait application itself.

In addition to receiving the installation of Power Platform ROI Evaluator By Minsait in your tenant, this proposal also includes: -1 Day of Workshop to teach how the calculator works -1 Day of accompaniment in the survey of potential cases to be developed under Power Platform technology

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