Modern Workplace Adoption Framework: 10-Wks Impl


Reimagine how work should be done and get the most out of Microsoft 365. Invero's Modern Workplace foundation sets your organization up for success by optimizing return on your investment.

Our Modern Workplace Foundation solution sets your organization up for success by optimizing return on your investment in Office 365.

The solution combines workshops with comprehensive planning that involves both your business stakeholders and IT to assist in defining the business motivations, value, strategy and a roadmap for securing, optimizing and governing your Microsoft 365 environment.

Step 1: Governance Workshop - We educate your team on the possibilities that Microsoft 365 Governance can achieve, walk through settings and strategy to align with an organization’s security requirements.

Step 2: Governance & Security Definition - Microsoft 365 Governance and Security settings are defined and documented to align to both the Information mapping strategy and the organization’s goals.

Step 3: Information Mapping Workshop - The information discovery and mapping workshop will drive towards reorganizing the current document management locations and map them to a new structure in Microsoft 365.

Step 4: Report Presentation - We present and provide a customized report comprising Governance, Security and Information mapping that will enable a prioritized roadmap for performing the data migration.


  1. Governance and Information Discovery Workshops - A series of workshops which will educate your team on Microsoft 365 Governance settings, security and information mapping
  2. Microsoft 365 Governance & Security Document - A detailed governance document that will serve as an evolving and standards-based guidepost to help setup and manage change within your Microsoft 365 environment.
  3. Information Mapping Strategy - A detailed information mapping document which will align with the Governance document and identify where documents will be migrated to.
  4. Migration strategy - Prioritization of Workload, Data and a Roadmap to enable a successful migration of your information to Microsoft 365.

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