Rapid Cyberattack Assessment: 1-Day Workshop (Full - On-site)

IT Partner LLC

The goal of this service is to help businesses identify and address potential vulnerabilities to rapid cyberattacks, enhancing their cybersecurity defenses using Microsoft technologies.

This workshop is an opportunity to receive deeper visibility on potential vulnerability to rapid cyberattacks. You may have already been a victim of an attack; maybe you are unsure about your status of defensive measures or would like to obtain a risk assessment related to rapid cyberattacks. Our objective is to help customers identify potential cybersecurity risks and gain knowledge about technologies that can help mitigate those risks.


  • Understand your organization's cyberattack status in the context of Microsoft 365, identifying factors that might make it susceptible to rapid and potentially harmful cyberattacks, such as ransomware attacks.
  • Provide expert guidance, recommendations, and best practices to employ Microsoft technologies in countering security threats related to rapid cyberattacks.
  • Develop a rapid cyberattack road map tailored to your needs, outlining prioritized actions to address identified gaps, considering user impact and implementation costs.
  • Align Microsoft technology capabilities and Partner services with the findings of the assessment, ensuring they align with your organization's goals and requirements.


  • Furnish accurate and timely information to facilitate the assessment.
  • Grant access to knowledgeable personnel for seamless collaboration, including business user representatives, and allocate funding if required to support the project's scope.
  • Install and configure the necessary Rapid Cyberattack Assessment (RCA) tools.



  • Kickoff meeting
  • Introduction to the engagement: objectives, flow, responsibilities, and governance
  • Provide and explain preassessment questionnaire to the customer
  • Explain RCA tool to the customer and provide "How to use RCA tool" document


  • Complete/return questionnaire and install/run RCA tool
  • Ensure availability of necessary resources
  • Review RCA tool results
  • Begin road map planning
  • Finalize preparations for on-site
  • Second preparation call
  • Confirmation on the completeness of the questionnaire or RCA tool output
  • Confirm attendance and dates for the on-site meeting


  • Day 1 -- whole-day on-site workshop
  • Definition of rapid cyberattacks
  • Review, explain, and discuss questionnaire and tool findings
  • Identify opportunities to leverage already deployed entitlements
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Finalize road map


  • Day 2 -- whole-day on-site workshop
  • Road map delivery workshop
  • Solution(s) briefing and Technical Readiness presentations
  • Engagement close-out


  • Kickoff presentation, summarizing the engagement's vision, objectives, requirements, and subsequent actions.
  • A questionnaire focused on your organization's approach to exploit mitigation, attack surface reduction, securing privileged access, and ensuring business continuity against potential cyberattacks within the Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Rapid cyberattack assessment tool reports, outlining the findings of the RCA tool. These reports will be reviewed and discussed during the workshop.
  • A rapid cyberattack road map, providing actionable steps to address identified vulnerabilities. The road map aligns the capabilities of Microsoft technologies and Partner services with the assessment findings, considering your specific objectives and requirements.

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