Modern Collaboration: 9 Week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Improve the usability of your intranet and increase adoption in only 9 weeks using Viva and your existing Microsoft 365 licenses.

Supercharge your adoption of modern best practices and tools, improve communication and collaboration, increase employee engagement, and reduce the risk of future cost overruns and delays.

Whether your organization has yet to deploy an intranet, has an intranet that is underutilized, or maintains an intranet that carries too much technical debt to manage effectively, KiZAN’s modern collaboration offer will help you reinvision how company communications are handled and simplify the systems to support them.

With direct input from stakeholders, the offer will focus on effective change management and adoption, starting with an organizational sentiment analysis and assessment of maturity and provide guidance on best practices for setting up modern sites for collaboration and communication.

In addition, we will leverage two components from the Microsoft Viva suite that you're already licensed for to encourage greater adoption, easier communications to employees, and easy, engaging self-service learning.

Address issues such as:

  • Old, stale intranets lacking purpose or structure
  • Confusing array of tools and platforms
  • Underultilization of collaboration tools resulting in lost ROI
  • Lack of governance and training
  • Need to modernize into Teams with Viva Connections
  • Need to create CoE or CoP that leverages full Microsoft 365 suite (e.g. SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, etc.)

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Maturity assessment of current tools, habits, and practices
  • Identification of business needs and obstacles
  • Planning of new sites, pages, structures, and other technical architecture
  • Set up Viva Connections and Viva Learning
  • Awareness and adoption planning
  • Deployment of 3-4 site homepages
  • Knowledge transfer

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