Digital Workplace Road Map: 4-Wk Assessment

Klarinet Solutions

Obtain Clear Technical Recommendations and a Detailed Project Timeline to Seamlessly Move Your Business to the Microsoft Modern Digital Workplace Cloud Platform.

Are you confused or overwhelmed with all the features in Microsoft 365? It can feel like trying to take a sip from a firehose. You don’t have to do it all at once.

Through Klarinet's Digital Workplace Road Map engagement, you'll get clear technical recommendations and a detailed project timeline to seamlessly move your business to a modern environment. We also offer unique plans to support your cloud migration efforts, managed services, deployments, or customizations.

Our 20+ years of SharePoint experience and track record of proven digital workplace solutions ensure that your investment will be tailored to meet your organization's goals and strategic plan.

Road-map Plan:

  • Review recommendations and provide examples for the company's desired Microsoft 365 tools
  • Tailored demo of our various services
  • Evaluate connectors, level of effort, and project timelines
  • Develop a training plan​ & discuss governance and permissions guidance
  • Strategize immediate next actions following stakeholder presentation

The final deliverable of this engagement with be a technology recommendation document and formal stakeholder presentation which will include a cloud roll out plan, project timeline with associated tasks, tailored training outlines, architecture design, governance guidance, permissions guidance and more..

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