Power Portals in-a-day -8 hr workshop

MY Synergy

You need a web Portal with features? No programmers, coders, QA`s, beta testers and customer problems?

Do you need to extend your communication with partners, customers, to provide online services directly connected with your internal systems and infrastructure without hard codding and long-term expensive projects? You can have it in fast, secure, and convenient way with Power Apps Portals And we will teach you how to start, configure, use and benefit from this new and flexible solution.


  1. What are Power App Portals - Introductory
  2. Main benefits
  3. Features overview
  4. Product integration
  5. Examples (customer support, Community portal, Ordering tool)
  6. Creating a Portal from scratch
  7. Work with templates
  8. Integration with other systems
  9. Q&A

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