Neway Copilot AI Readiness

Neway Technologies

The Microsoft AI Readiness Workshop explores the relevance of AI for your business and examines your existing technological ecosystem, data infrastructure, and operational processes

In the dynamic landscape of today's business environment, understanding the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize your operations, elevate customer experiences, and secure your competitive edge is crucial.

Neway’s AI Readiness Workshop is designed to help organizations assess their preparedness for AI adoption, define their AI strategy, and equip their teams with the knowledge and resources needed to embark on successful AI projects.


Embarking on the AI journey poses a fundamental question: Is AI relevant to your organization? We facilitate this exploration by examining your existing technological ecosystem, data infrastructure, and operational processes. Our workshop illuminates where AI can infuse transformative impact.


Our modular workshop structure can be delivered in sections encompassing varying stakeholder groups. When delivered in its entirety, the full workshop spans two days.


Workshop Sessions:

Introduction to AI: The workshop begins with an overview of artificial intelligence (AI), its significance, and its potential impact on various industries and sectors. We introduce the various types of AI integrations available in the Microsoft ecosystem, use cases, and data governance, security, and compliance requirements.

Understanding Business Processes: Participants are encouraged to identify key business processes, applications and data that could benefit from integrating with AI or hinder adoption. 

The Data Estate: Assessing the availability and quality of data is crucial for AI readiness. Workshop participants learn how to evaluate their data sources, assess data readiness, and identify any data gaps that need to be addressed. This includes the Microsoft 365 environment usage, as well as any other sources of data of value to the organization.

Data Governance: Access and data governance is at the core of the ability to deploy Copilot efficiently and securely. If data is correctly governed, files and sites can easily and automatically be secured. We will review existing policies and controls across Teams, SharePoint, Email, Chat and more.

Security and Identity Governance: Various controls are essential to add additional layers of security for data: users can’t access data if they can’t use an identity to access it, or can’t use the tools to access it. We will review CASB, Defender for Cloud, endpoint management policies, identity protection policies (MFA and conditional access controls), administrative roles, identity lifecycle status assessment, provisioning and de-provisioning policies, and Microsoft 365 Activity Reviews for inactive accounts.


At the end of the AI Readiness Workshop, you are scored across all these areas, and this end score helps inform the next steps. We will present the next recommended steps and engagements based on the score and explain the driving logic and roadmap to the adoption of AI within the organization. These scores help you prioritize and plan your AI initiatives effectively.

  • Low scores (1-25): Discuss license requirements and consider cybersecurity assessment.
  • Medium scores (26-70): Tailor next steps based on weak areas, including security and data governance workshops.
  • High scores (71-100): Focus on identifying opportunities and POCs for advanced AI usage.


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