Hybrid Meetings with Microsoft Teams: 2 Day Workshop


We help you utilize Microsoft Teams to improve the hybrid meeting experience, better collaborate and drive productivity, regardless of team member locations.

As some employees return to the office, others will continue to remain as remote workers. It is important to ensure your workforce maintains high levels of collaboration and productivity wherever your employees may be located, this requires careful management as mixed presence events can result in group isolation. Presence and awareness of meeting etiquette has never been more important than in this new era of hybrid work and collaboration. Virtual and remote events are even more important to facilitate inclusion, collaboration, and productivity.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s Hybrid Meetings service is perfectly suited to help your teams maximize productivity in hybrid working models. Leveraging Teams and the Microsoft 365 platform, we'll provide you with a modern workplace platform that connects people, drives collaboration, and gives them intelligent technologies to automate and simplify business processes, no matter where they work. Thoughtful adoption and change management provide an engaging approach to maximizing effectiveness of the technologies available and has a key focus on the softer skills of managing meetings effectively within the hybrid work environment.

Our world class Microsoft Experts leverage a human-centric approach to deliver exceptional employee experience and maximize productivity within your modern, Microsoft 365 hybrid workplace environment. Highly experienced in maximizing effectiveness of hybrid workforces, delivering robust employee satisfaction and business value through improved productivity and engagement in Teams-enabled meetings. Resulting in maximum return on investment of your meeting attendees time, by aligning people, processes and the places!

We will enable your business to work efficiently and effectively in the new era, ensuring all parties are treated as equal, and enabling the flow of work to continue when your team transition to hybrid working. We’ll leverage your investments already made in Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft 365 stack, to ensure in this constantly evolving world of work, your people can work effectively, regardless of their location.

Typical Workshop Agenda:

  • Day 1 (First Session) - Meeting room equipment and physical environment overview and best practices
  • Day 1 (Second Session) - Showcase on the full suit of capabilities to support hybrid meetings
  • Day 2 (First Session) - Understanding the behaviours and etiquettes that enable effective hybrid meetings
  • Day 2 (Second Session) - Build a client specific plan to enable successful implementation and adoption of hybrid meetings in the business

The price reflects the initial consultation, typical workshop duration is 1-2 days - actual price and duration will be determined based on client requirements

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