Business Applications Discovery Manufacturing: 2-Wk Assessment


A business applications discovery will identify your app requirements & build your case for adopting apps to connect your entire enterprise for efficiency, QC, data management & customer experience.

Modern IT is much more than servers and networks and needs to be considered as part of a broader technology framework for it to effectively become a business enabler.

Many manufacturing organizations are experiencing challenges with their business applications, the applications they use to run their operations and earn income. These include:

  • Difficulties with production planning and scheduling
  • Inventory management issues
  • Quality control inconsistencies
  • Inability to effectively manage their supply chain
  • Scheduling equipment maintenance and unplanned or excessive equipment downtime
  • Heavy compliance and regulatory requirements

With expert guidance from ProServeIT, you will learn how investing in Microsoft business applications and computing services can address your business challenges and bring beneficial outcomes aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Microsoft business applications such as Dynamics 365 can be tailored to your manufacturing needs. The various modules of Dynamics 365 such as Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Field Service, and Finance and Operations, are designed to work together – and with your existing systems – for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business. They can strengthen your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data, allowing you to anticipate change, minimize disruptions, and reduce your time to market – all while building better customer relationships using real-time insights.

With our guidance and Microsoft’s business application modules, we can help you achieve favorable business outcomes including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved quality control
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved compliance
  • Better data management and analysis
  • Enhanced customer experience

Our approach is a simple 3-step process:

  • Discovery: assess your current processes and tools and understand your business application maturity to know where to start.
  • Level Up: create a resilient and reliable business application platform aligned to your manufacturing needs.
  • Managed Services: continuously improve your business applications as your business evolves and your business requirements change.

Start with our Business Applications Discovery to identify the gaps in your current environment, understand the application investment requirements, and gain visibility into industry best practices. Our experts will provide a summary of the assessment findings, recommendations on how to level up, an outline of the estimated costs and ROI, a business applications roadmap, and estimated capital and operating expenses.

Price will depend on the complexity and scope of your discovery.

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