Approvals Aggregation Hub: 25-day Implementation

Reply Ltd

Use Microsoft Teams Approvals to surface approval requests from all the cloud systems used within your organisation

Our Approvals Aggregation hub solution will enable you to receive and approve or reject Requests where ever you work. Your notifications will appear in the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed meaning there is no need to switch windows or jump between applications to review time-sensitive and important Requests.

Teams Approvals is not a replacement to the Cloud systems used in your organisation, but an aggregation dashboard to help you manage your requests centrally. The approvals aggregation hub uses your Master Systems and from the Teams Approval Request card you can follow a hyperlink to open Requests Details where it was created. Teams and your master system are always working in two-way sync, so when a Request is updated in Teams these updates are reflected into your Master system instantly. Teams Approvals will then be used as a central dashboard showing any Requests that need your attention without you needing to have multiple apps open or check whether you have missed any notifications.

We have developed a central framework in Power Automate and a set of Custom Connectors that link to each Cloud Application used in your system where Requests are raised for approval.

If your systems are not on our list yet, we will conduct a workshop to understand how you are using it and whether is it technically feasible to connect to the central framework. We will develop a bespoke Custom Connector if there is no existing connector available.

The solution is shipped as a Power Platform solution. Data relating to approvals are stored in a Dataverse with users only being able to view approvals targeted to them, no one will be able to read and encrypt connection details.

A typical implementation of the Approvals Aggregation Hub is between 10 and 40 days, dependant on your individual requirements which will be assessed with you. The estimated price reflects a 25 day implementation. Please review our attached documentation for more information.

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