SharePoint Auto-Translator: 1-hour Briefing

Reply Ltd

Automatically translate your Microsoft SharePoint content with the SharePoint Auto-Translator by WM Reply. Book a free 1-hour demonstration to see the solution in action.

Whilst Microsoft SharePoint Online offers a robust platform for enterprise-grade multilingual intranets, a key feature limitation is the automatic translation of content.

The Accelerator by WM Reply, having years of experience delivering global intranets on the Microsoft Platform, has developed a solution to serve for the automatic translation of your SharePoint Intranet content.

Join our 1-hour free demonstration of the SharePoint Auto-Translator. Included in this time will be:

  • A full demonstration to show the ease of automatically translating SharePoint content for an editor with the tool
  • An overview of the technical requirements
  • The expected required investment for the solution
  • An opportunity for Q&A

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