RPA Developer Masterclass Training Program: 5-Day Implementation

Reveal Group

A customized structured approach to building capability utilizing Masterclasses that focuses on developing essential RPA skills and attributes using Power Automate.

This 5-day Masterclass training covers topics on how to develop RPA processes using Power Automate / Power Automate Desktop, including the ability to apply best practices. Participants will get hands-on experience working with Power Automate and will also be introduced to more advanced features and techniques to tackle different challenges they may encounter during their implementation.

Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Power Automate / Power Automate Desktop
  • SharePoint Integration (PA Cloud)
  • Email Integration (PA Cloud)
  • Trigger / Scheduling (PA Cloud)
  • Set / Reset Connections (PA Cloud)
  • Basic Integration – Browser (PAD)
  • Basic Integration – Windows (PAD)
  • Email Integration (PAD)
  • Excel Manipulation (PAD)
  • Solutions / Packages (PA Cloud)
  • Monitoring / Troubleshooting Basics (PA Cloud)
  • Build a process

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