Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan - 1 Week - Service Implementation

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Setup a new or Move your Legacy Business telephone system from On-premises or existing SIP trunk to Microsoft Teams Phones

Microsoft Teams phone with calling plan has become an essential part of businesses worldwide. Remote work has become the new normal for companies in every industry. Working from home is so commonplace that colleagues have to stay online using modern tech.

Microsoft teams natively allow PSTN calling, offering a cost-effective alternative to your existing legacy phone system on-premises or Cloud. With the Microsoft Teams phone system integration, users can call, leveraging low cost domestic and international tariffs offered by Microsoft and other operator connect providers. Microsoft teams phone with calling plan provides a seamless unified calling experience for Teams users dialling Teams users and Teams users who can dial out through an interface they are already familiar with. More importantly, admins can benefit from a full-featured PBX that’s much easier to use and configure. This includes contact centre features such as advanced call queues, reporting, call routing, and more.

Discovery Phase Our Offer for Teams phone with calling plan includes discovering and planning your existing PBX system, including details about your current PSTN Lines, Audio Conferencing, Number of DDI and Switchboard numbers, Call volume and destination identification. We will find out your existing analogue or digital connectivity along with the number of handsets and how the network and IT support the current system.

Benefits & Planning Based on the discovery, we will plan and present you with your requirement and the number of licenses and bandwidth required if you need a Room Phone system, Common Area Phone or International dialling plan, or on-demand calls. We will explain the benefits of moving to the Microsoft phone system.

Cost Saving We will present you with the cost of the Teams phone plan, show you the cost-saving, and explain how the Microsoft Teams phone can save you money.

Porting We will open a request to Port existing DDI or Switchboard numbers to Microsoft. We will work with your current PBX supplier to ensure smooth number porting.

Implementation We will add licenses and configure the tenant for the Microsoft Teams for calling. Allocation of licenses along with phone numbers. Setup of auto attendant and Call queue and channels. Dial-in Conference setup and call plan allocation t.

Training We will help you learn how to use the system.

Support After training and implementation, we will support the Teams Phone in case of any questions or further assistance you may need

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