Enable Frontline for Government: 2-Day Workshop

SHI International Corp

Enable Frontline Workshop will help empower government cross agency collaboration based on Microsoft 365 and modern devices.

Enable Frontline for Government Workshop

Government frontline workers are a key component to our customers' success, and this workshop will help government entities understand Microsoft's Frontline Solutions based on Microsoft 365 and modern devices. Our working sessions will help your organization under frontline challenges and how Teams functionality and solutions like Power Platform can connect your workforce, digitize manual processes, and empower cross agency collaboration.

Workshop Objectives:

Day 1 Agenda

  1. Identify frontline challenges and goals
  2. Review current tools and technologies
  3. Introduce Microsoft's frontline solutions

Day 2 Agenda

  1. Discuss specific frontline scenarios
  2. Build a plan based on scenarios


  • Report and recommendations

Notes: This is a free workshop hosted by SHI International, and it is funded through Microsoft's Cloud Accelerator Enable Frontline Worker program for eligible government customers. Microsoft 365 plans, Frontline F1/F3/F5, Power Platform, Power Apps or other subscriptions and/or licensing are not included in this workshop.

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