Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops 2-Days


Improve NEW WORK experiences with Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops for Microsoft 365 by SoftwareOne

The way we work has changed. Employees want the flexibility to work from home, from the office, from anywhere. This places pressure on IT teams to achieve a zero trust security model, while ensuring productivity and user experience isn’t negatively impacted. The ability to create agile work scenarios, manage endpoints from anywhere, secure sensitive data and minimise threats are all priorities.​

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops for Microsoft 365 delivered by SoftwareOne will help you achieve this. In 2021, SoftwareOne helped customers with more than 1000 workshops globally accelerate their remote working solutions through these workshops. Discover how we can help you.​

The Microsoft co-funded Cloud Accelerator Workshops for Microsoft 365​

are aimed at:​

  • CIOs​

  • IT Directors​

  • Head of IT​

  • Strategic / Enterprise Architects​

  • IT Infrastructure Managers​

  • Microsoft365 Engineers​

Agenda day 1: Intro, engagement overview, challenges and solutions, demo​

Agenda day2: Exercise, scenario discussions, next steps​

You recognize the enormous opportunity that hybrid working offers your Enterprise size organization with 1000+ users - but you want to do it well. It’s time to ensure best practice is followed to drive lasting and effective organizational change.​

Subject to change, T&C apply.

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