RPA - 1 day Proof of Concept

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RPA in a Day by Sonata RPA Competency

RPA in a Day is an introductory session is designed for customers to understand how RPA works and how the same can be used to automate the business processes. Through this, different stakeholders in a company would understand the nuances of end-end aspects of an RPA journey and how Microsoft Power Automate platform can help in achieving the same.

  1. Discovery Step – Work with the right stakeholders in the company to identify the right process (use case) for RPA automation, ascertain the suitability for RPA and highlight the benefits RPA can provide.

  2. Engineering of Bot - Work with the customer in demonstrating the engineering of a bot. During this exercise, the customer would be made aware of the basics of RPA and aspects pertaining to developing one of the end-end flow of identified use case. Depending on the use case the below aspects would be demonstrated in Power Automate solution.

          I.	Setting up a basic workflow 
      II.	Demonstration of Integration using API Connectors
      III.	Document Extraction using AI Builder (depending on the use case)
      IV.	Demonstration of Data Entry into a form using Power Automate Desktop
      V.	Demonstration of Data Storage using Common Data Services

  3. Demo of the Bot and Next Steps - Demonstration of the automated RPA use case and brainstorm on the next steps for RPA automation journey for the organization

The training provides practical hands-on experience with Sonata RPA Competency team which specializes in creating Power Automate solutions in a full-day of instructor-led Automation creation workshop.

The price quoted is estimated price, as it might vary based on the business domain and the complexity of use case

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