TCS Services for Microsoft Digital Contact Center : 3 week Assessment

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A brief assessment to assess the digital transformation of the contact center for a superior customer experience

Contact centers can meet changing customer expectations. Customer service is no longer a linear experience. It’s not based on a single interaction. All aspects of the customer journey—from marketing and sales to field service—impact how customers experience a brand.  If the journey is broken, customers will go elsewhere. This platform allows contact center leaders and agents to look at every facet of the customer journey in the broader context of their business. Contact centers need to evolve for modern service experience since business leaders face myriad challenges like How to innovate and grow revenue providing service across all channels and touchpoints? How to increase customer retention and brand loyalty with changing expectations? How to safeguard customer privacy and security during their service journey How to enhance the agent experience and strive for higher CSAT while reducing costs? How to eliminate silos, and simplify operations using data analytics? Traditional contact center experience is very voice-centric (call-centers as opposed to contact centers). Desire of best-of-breed is good but also results in fragmentation, which in turn leads to complexity and cost to make this work. There are also security vulnerabilities with such multi-vendor solutions. Market fragmentation has led to inconsistent experiences but with the Cloud the contact center transformation has just been accelerated. The Cloud has brought the digital transformation, with UCaaS (like Teams, Zoom, Webex), CCaaS (contact center), Customer Service or CRM category all on cloud. They are powered by robust telephony and contact center AI, also cloud driven. Let’s explain how all of this comes together for customers, businesses, and agents with the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform If we start with customers interacting through a variety of channels, the all-in-one digital contact center connects those customers through to agents, providing agents a powerful set of tools and capabilities to provide the best possible customer service. A notable feature is the integral presence of Microsoft Teams namely as a channel for customers (especially internal customers like employees engaging with internal help desks like HR) and as a collaboration tool for agents to engage with SMEs. The contact center is an essential touchpoint for organizations and their customers. The contact center often plays a significant role throughout the customer journey. And as industry has evolved, modern challenges have also arisen for the contact center. With digitization, customers are increasing their demands on services, with a desire to have connection available at anytime, from any location. As these demands grow, the burden on agents is also rising, causing many to burnout and simply quit. Additionally, while digital transformation has led to significant benefits, it has also led to the proliferation of cyber crime, with everything from account takeovers, hacked systems, and identity theft to name a few modes of attack. Technology at times leads to a complex maze of integrated systems which cause problems by complicating the experiences for agents and admins. All of these concerns ultimately lead to mounting costs which have to be addressed because of the criticality of the contact center. Microsoft and TCS aim to create a vision for the customer for a contact center solution to address the current needs of industry. Some of the benefits of Microsoft Digital Contact Center are as follows : Increase CSAT and resolution with hyper-personalized omnichannel engagement Improve agent experience with AI-assist and collaboration Build trust through biometric authentication and fraud prevention Create richer engagements with Context IQ capabilities driven by AI Boost automation through highly sophisticated conversational IVR and self-service experiences Increase customer acquisition and revenue from upsell/cross-sell Reduce complexity and lower TCO with a unified solution from a single vendor Build and deploy with confidence with worldwide availability and support. Some of the customer scenarios for TCS Services for Microsoft Digital Contact Center could be : Personalize the service experience across the customers’ channel of choice and increase CSAT like a customer going online and initiating a chat then later, using their mobile phone to make a call to a live agent. Scale with 24/7 self-service for fast response to simple inquiries, reducing agent-assisted calls like a customer query on a bill after hours and connect with a conversational IVR. Modern case management and collaboration for agents to improve first time call resolution like agent receives a complex case escalation Unlock insights from real-time data to reduce costs and optimize operations like arming a service leader with a dashboard for real-time decision making. You can learn more about the TCS Services for Microsoft Digital Contact Center by reading here on our offer.

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