Automating Cloud Infrastructure-1Day Free PoC

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Cloud manager helps you automating the Cloud Infrastructure tasks that you're performing on a daily/ weekly basis.

Cloud manager is an Infra automation solution powered by Microsoft Power Apps. By deploying Cloud Manager, the companies will empower employees to take charge of their own Cloud Infrastructure management. The Power Apps solution which is the driver, will accept a button click to perform multiple operations like creation of users in Active Directory, spinning up of Virtual Machines, how the VMs are performing and so on. This helps you in managing the time better and optimizing the cost. This is a significant use case for every organization to adapt to survive in the changing times we are living without being hindered.

Target Industry Any organization that relies on cloud infrastructure, especially desktop as a service. Those whose employees operate in WFH/ Hybrid mode. Who doesn’t have an enterprise tool for automation SMBs with 2000-7000 employees

Solution Automate the management of cloud resource (Scaling and monitoring). Automate the entire onboarding/ offboarding process. Replace the mails and action requests with chatbots and automated workflows.

Results Cost is optimized by 60% and time by 80% Improved Employee experience: Served as close to "Immediately" as possible. Happy management and employees

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