Drive365: 10-Wk Implementation

Visionet Systems, Inc

Drive365: 10-Wk Implementation Dynamics 365 Commerce for AX2012 customers

Drive365 by Visionet is a Dynamics 365 Commerce Implementation Plan for existing AX2012 customers: Our robust quick-start implementation plan is tailored for existing AX2012 customers to take your eCommerce storefront live in less than 90 days using our prebuilt implementation enablers, enhancers and connectors. Deliverables: - Dynamics 365 Commerce out of the-box features including tax and shipping - Design and UI tweaks based on Starter Kit  - Standard attributes, discounts and coupons integrated with AX2012 - Adyen as payment platform, guest checkout only  - Out of the box cart and checkout flows  - Basic email templates  - Fulfillment and return process integrated with existing implementation of AX2012   Deliverables  - List of business processes of the Dynamics 365 HQ and eCommerce storefront  - Adyen Merchant Accounts for test and live environments  - Azure Active Directory B2C ID that is shared with Microsoft to complete the B2C setup  - SPF and DKIM shared by Microsoft to update DNS records  - Migration status logs that confirm record creation status  - DNS TXT file shared by Microsoft to get the SSL certificate  - Filled out go-live checklist document  - Azure Active Directory Group name to manage permissions to the eCommerce authoring tools  - E2E test cases that need to be executed before the site goes live  - Dynamics365 and AX2012 connector - Data Migration packages for Product, Price, and other customer master data Estimated Price - Estimated implementation time and cost may vary depending on tailored requirement with an estimated $32,000/week that will be calculated based on assessed length of your implementation.
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