Automate Build & Test Updates 4 Wk Implementation

Visionet Systems, Inc

Consultancy services offers limited term / re-occurring build automation / upgrades & regression testing automation for Dynamics 365 implementations.

Dynamics 365 FinOps environment management and build automation service is being offered in multiple bundled packages so Client IT can focus on driving high value in-organization initiatives. Service comprising of following packages. Based on initial free assessment customer will be advised on suitable package as per requirements.


  • Environment cloning
  • Environment management automation
  • Release deployments
  • Automated smoke testing
  • Database backup & restore automation
  • DevOps setup & advance feature management
  • Central control for helpdesk


  • Cloud service optimizations
  • Platform / release updates, patch management
  • Data truncation and data lake archival
  • Security role management


  • Advisory support
  • L3 support
  • Best practice recommendations & new feature implementations

Pricing package is depends on duration of engagement and service package selected.

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