VIVA_Employee_Experience: 12-Wk Impl


Assessment and Implementation of Viva Insights, Viva Learning, Viva Topics or Viva Connection

  • MVP of Viva Modules - we recommend to start with Viva Insights Viva Insights:
  • Implement licences
  • Envisioning workshop - define priorities
  • Develop ways of working dashboard and insights
  • Recomendation roadmap to address key issues Viva Learning
  • Identify key learning focus and challenges
  • Define key audiences for each profile
  • Create learning path in Viva
  • Develop intregration with clients LMS
  • Develop rollout plan Viva Connection
  • understand client current communications audiences, strategy and content
  • develop clients new customizable portal
  • define clients audience archetypes Viva Topics
  • Create sharepoint integrations
  • Develop implementation adoption
  • Creation of clusters by key groups of employees with respect to the initiatives to be promoted

For all modules:

  • Training for Viva Administrators
  • Rollout and communication plan

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement, it will be discussed individually for each client.

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