RPA & Your Business: 3-day Proof of Concept Workshops

XRM Vision

We will create a Proof-of-Concept Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for one of your business processes using Power Automate Desktop.

In this 3-day Proof-of-Concept, we will review a business process of your choice and build a basic working Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution (depending on the scope of the project). This will enable you to automate a business process and show your organization the value of implementing more efficient and automated workflows. This solution will work as a Proof of Concept to develop a more complete and powerful RPA workflow in the future.

Participants in this workshop series will identify existing processes that would benefit from automation and, collectively with XRM, pick a target process to automate as part of this workshop. They will plan the development of a Robotic Process Automation using Hyper Automation best practices and Microsoft Technologies including Power Automate Desktop, Teams, Outlook and potentially others. Participants will have an active, hands-on role in the development of the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop application. The goal of this exercise is to show the value that RPA can bring to your organization and demonstrate a best practice framework for the future delivery of workflow improvements.

Agenda: • Analyze the business process you want to automate. • Draft and approval of the Power Automate Desktop Solution (RPA) that will be created. • Agile development of the application working directly with your business users and IT analysts, we will also ensure that the solution integrates with your system. • Proof of Concept presented to business executives.

Deliverables: • A functional proof-of-concept Power Automate Desktop workflow integrated with one of your other Microsoft technologies (Outlook, SharePoint, AI forms processing, Teams, Teams Approvals, CRM, Flow etc.) • A report explaining the opportunities identified during the workshops. • The client will come out of these sessions with a deeper understanding of the value Robotic Process Automation (specifically Power Automate Desktop) can bring to their business processes. • Documenting the licensing required for various RPA activities.

Requirements: • Users working with XRM Vision to develop the Power Automate Desktop Solution must have completed the RPA-in-a-Day workshop provided by XRM Vision.

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