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MiracleAgency supports small and large Umbrella and Recuitment companies

MiracleAgency provides a powerful and flexible solution for the umbrella payroll and recruitment industry. Our flexible solution is designed to manage complex payrolls and improve the productivity of recruitment consultants. Our flexible framework of modules will accommodate various types of specialist agencies, ensuring all needs can be met.

The functionality covers more than just payroll and will help to reduce and improve the daily administrative activities involved in recruitment.

  • Link employees to contracts – automatically linking to Payroll with fixed start and end dates where required.
  • Enter timesheets across payrolls that can be controlled by Payroll, Bureau, Client or Contract and includes the collection of hours and expenses.
  • Highlight missing timesheets.
  • Provide for the ‘catch-up’ of late timesheets and where required, separate treatment of NI across multiple pay periods.
  • Enter expenses from which invoices can be raised.
  • Generate a service fee based on the contract rules defined in the employee contract.
  • Load timesheets from the agent spreadsheet thus reducing keying errors.
  • Store timesheets but not process them when the contract is ‘on hold’ or funds have not yet been received.
  • Client management (An extension of the Microsoft Dynamics BC functionality) – billing requirements, charges, rules etc.
  • Contract Management – rates, time, pay items permitted, duration etc.
  • Contract/employee definition – one contract can have one or more employees as required by the recruitment company.
  • The application manages time at a location to help maximise the ability to reclaim expenses.
  • Invoicing.
  • SL and GL Journals.
  • Client reporting.

MiracleAgency is fully integrated to MiraclePay

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