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Payroll App to manage all aspects of payroll in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Take Control of your payroll with Miracle Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Running a payroll department is rarely a problem free job. It can be incredibly demanding, complex and fraught with challenges. whatever size your business is, it is critical that you have a scalable payroll solution that provides gives your payroll team the tools to quickly and accurately manage the many variables including, detailed pay elements and working rule agreements, that affect the payroll processing for each employee, supporting monthly or weekly payroll across any number of business units. 

Why do I need Eque2 Payroll?
  • Built within Dynamics 365 Business Central your payroll function becomes part of the overall ERP solution. Business rules and permissions are set once and applied to all relevant users and roles. With holidays and absenteeism managed throughout the system as well as automated job costing for contract or project related industries, Miracle Payroll ensures that the correct costs either standard rate or actual rate are identified and provided for at all levels of the business and available for all levels of reporting. With accurate automated payslips and an exceptional depth and consistency of reporting, previously manual processing and reporting are now fully automated.


  • Manage all aspects of the individuals payroll 
  • Managers and payrollers receive regular updates based on to do's and warnings
  • Payroll specific roles including Payroll Manager
  • Instant access to both summary and individual 
  • Additional levels of Payroll based security in addition to standard Business Central
  • Links to HMRC to simplify your submissions
  • All legislative annual changes managed by Eque2


  • Data Provisioning Service (DPS) to allow electronic transfers from HMRC of tax changes, student loans etc. 
  • Starter and leaver submissions electronically to HMRC 
  • User defined BACS formats for both employee and third party payments 
  • User alerts can be recorded to generate reminders during pay calculation and BACS payment processes
  • Unlimited pension schemes can be defined
  • User defined requirements are met through the pay item structure e.g. Bespoke holiday processing
  • Pay period variable data from T&A systems, Excel spreadsheet or direct inputs

Supported Editions:  Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Supported Countries: UK and Ireland: Supported Languages:  English (UK), English (US) 

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