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Localization for China is designed to meet finance requirements of China Taxation Bureau

Are you looking for China localization solution? The solution provides a set of functions to meet finance requirement of China Taxation Bureau.

With R-Systems China localization solution, finance users can easily to handling finance reporting and golden reporting  

Key Functions

  • Vouchers printing with A5/A4 size
  • Chinese Balance Sheet
  • Chinese Profit &Loss Statement
  • Chinese Cash Flow Statement
  • Export invoice information to Golden Tax System  


  • Export invoice information to Golden Tax System
  • Import Golden Tax number into invoices

Supported Editions

  • This app supports Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Country

  • This app is available in Singapore and Hong Kong SAR.

Supported Languages

  • This App is available in English (United Kingdom) and Simplified Chinese (China).

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