The Asset Guardian (TAG) CMMS-EAM

Verosoft Design INC. (VSD)

Cloud-based CMMS/EAM solution built-in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use CMMS solution that is a built-in Business Central and helps you effortlessly manage your work orders, dispatching and scheduling? 

Rely on TAG: the only CMMS that has a proven 15-year track record for managing assets and maintenance with thousands of satisfied users worldwide. TAG has been a built-in CMMS for NAV/BC for over a decade. 

Major companies across all industries and departments have benefited from TAG’s unbeatable UX experience that leverages the latest mobile technologies to facilitate the adoption of CMMS by maintenance managers and technicians—regardless of their IT skill level. 

TAG CMMS has been designed to be completely DIY. We offer a wide range of step-by-step installation and training videos to help you get started—and get the most out of our CMMS. When it comes to CMMS for Dynamics 365, TAG is the only partner you can count on.

Get Your Free CMMS for Business Central online!

Are you a Dynamics 365 Business Central online user? Get TAG CMMS for free (2 users max)! Click 'Get it Now' and transform your maintenance with TAG. 

Key Features

    • Asset management
    • Work and request management
    • Corrective and preventive maintenance
    • Maintenance planning, scheduling and dispatching
    • Inventory management
    • Labor and vendor service provider management
    • KPI dashboards, cost controls, alerts, reporting
    • Mobility with offline capabilities (browser-based and Android/iOS/Windows device-based)*
    • Maintenance-as-a-Service*
    • 3D facility/asset view with embedded GIS*
    • IoT predictive maintenance*
    • Advanced analytics and "digital twin" models*
*advanced CMMS/EAM features are not included in free TAG CMMS offer and may require additional costs per user.

Why TAG?

Ultra-easy to get started: DIY installation and training videos make TAG fast and easy to implement.

Extremely simple to use: Team members of all skill levels can use TAG for their asset management work. 

Plug and play: TAG is a module based EAM/CMMS solution. You can easily add more advanced Enterprise Asset features, field service maintenance features, and IoT predictive features. 

Eliminate data entry: TAG minimizes back-office jobs and multiple data entry.

Supported Editions: Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries: United States,Canada,Mexico,United Kingdom,France,Spain,Belgium,Australia,South Africa,Switzerland,New Zealand,Austria,Colombia,Peru.

Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish.

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