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The global reference app when it comes to managing commissions

Optimize time consumption by automating processes, streamlining complex commission scenarios, reducing 99% errors when settling commissions, and boosting productivity in 480% of your financial, accounting, and sales teams.

Set and follow commission rates for your salespeople within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, regardless of whether they are employees of your company or external agents.

Features and benefits of using this app

  • Set direct commission rates for items or item groups, and/or specific rates for particular combinations of items, customers, salespeople, dimensions, custom fields...
  • Set tiered commissions based on the discounts applied or the margin achieved.
  • Set sales targets for a date period and define tiered commissions based on the targets achieved.
  • Assign multiple salespeople to customers, ship-to addresses and specific documents. Define how commissions will be generated for each one and how sales amounts should be split between them.
  • Define sales teams, assign roles to each member, and give commissions to managers, members, or specific roles.
  • Customizable Word reports let you choose what information you want to give to your salespeople, and automatically send them by email to those that don't have access to Business Central.
  • Define commission penalties when an invoice is not paid in due time.
  • Get global reports on how many commissions are being paid and how the cash flows compared to invoice collections.
  • Get real sales statistics based on all the salespeople that have taken part in each sale, excluding external costs (e.g. shipping charges).
  • See how each salesperson has been performing across different date periods.
  • Give limited access to salespeople so that they can run reports based on their own data.
  • Commissions can be paid after invoices have been posted or only after they have been collected.
  • Settle commissions either through settlement documents or purchase invoices.
  • The app also includes tool to help you handle scenarios in which a salesperson has left the company (choose who replaces them and update all related records) or when the salesperson assigned to a group of customers has changed (update all open sales documents).

What's new?

Check out the release notes.

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

All countries.

Supported languages:

This app is available in English, French and Spanish.

Note: for Spanish customers install "iDynamics Commissions (ES)" in order to get support for the Spanish Cartera module.

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