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Construction for Dynamics 365 is a specialized software solution for construction companies.

Does your construction company have difficulties managing your project biddings, planning and execution? Changes happen constantly throughout the construction process and having data spread out onto different software makes tracking and efficiently managing your projects challenging. Construction for Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that provides you with industry-specific functionalities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

The solution helps construction and project management companies gain better control throughout the entire construction cycle: quotation, planning, execution, exploitation and maintenance. Construction for Dynamics 365 allows a more effective distribution and management of time, machinery, resources and employees.

Enhance customer service, contractors' relationship management, facilitate executed projects invoicing and simultaneously allow cost control and consolidation of information from various divisions, providing management with a clear overview of business processes for better decision-making. 

Some of the functionalities of Construction for Dynamics 365 are:
• Offering for investors and contractors using cost norms.
• Automatic proposal to purchase or transfer the required materials from a cost account to a warehouse at the site through master resource planning (MRP).
• Automatic integration with the Microsoft Dynamics Financial Module.
• Access to operational and management analyses and reports, tracking of various KPIs by  object, contracts and more.
• Client’s interim payment certificate (IPC) and subcontractor’s IPC.
• Import of Bill of Quantity from Excel and detailed internal project template (BoQ format).
• Аutomated tracking of expenses for activities based on the reported progress.
• Integration with Microsoft products, such as MS Excel, MS Project and others.
Benefits for your business:
• Better financial control – tracking of financial results based on various projects, sub-projects, departments and more, simplified project invoicing and control of expenses.
• Optimized reporting - reports of the resources being used (materials, labor, mechanization) and services by stages of work or specific construction projects.
• Prompt decision-making - quick access to essential financial and accounting data, as well as specialized analyses and reports, in order to make better decisions.
• Improved project management – automation of management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project till its end, better handling of your contracts with investors and subcontractors.

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