Atos Automotive Supplier

Atos International SAS에 의해

Fully integrated Automotive Supplier Solution in Microsoft Dynamics D365 FO ERP Solution

The AddOn automotive Supplier is covering the typical automotive supply chain processes within the Microsoft ERP solution D365 FO.
From receiving EDI based Messages, order handling, despatch/invoicing, packaging to act mirror like in the purchase area to further suppliers (order creation, quoting, EDI, goods receiving).

  • EDI-Processing for Sales and Purchase Connectivity and Support of all established EDI standards (VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12)
  • Integration and Support of OEM-specific logistic concepts & processes e.g. PUS, NLK, BELOM, CALDEL, a.s.o.)
  • Intercompany EDI, ESP Handling
  • Mobile-solutions, Track&Trace, Web Applications
  • JiT/JiS Integration, ShopFloor adaption

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