Spanish Bank Statement Norma43 Import

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To make the most of all the capacity that the advanced bank reconciliation of Dynamics 365 Finance.

Reconcile your accounting movements while you sleep

Define different criteria by which you want to reconcile through the rules, incorporate these rules into rule sets and after importing your Norma43, launch the entire bank reconciliation process through batch processing.

Catch mistakes early with a double-check

The advanced bank reconciliation will allow you to identify in a very direct way those transactions that have not been processed by accounting in Dynamics 365 Finance.

Direct traceability in your reconciliations

Check directly from the note of the statement the accounting movement that originated it, getting to the accounting transaction that originated it in Dynamics 365 Finance with only a click.

Monitor your business performance

Get an overview of your accounting (and financial health), accelerating future decision-making with much more certainty.

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