Columbus WMS


Solution for advanced warehouse and inventory management, automates specific warehouse processes.

The rapid growth of e-commerce and radical changes in logistics processes have formed a trend towards changes in trade turnover: now logistics occupies one of the leading places. Implementing effective WMS is becoming a competitive advantage for many companies.

Columbus WMS is a solution that offers flexible configuration of all specific warehouse business processes of the company (different types of acceptance, different methods of inventory, assembly and packaging), integrates with the transportation management module, as well as with any product selected as an ERP system.

Columbus WMS is used for automating warehouse process management. This product allows you to configure all the main warehouse processes taking into account the industry and product range specifics, and offers wide opportunities for implementing new processes without software modifications.

Columbus WMS allows you to automate warehouse management of retail distribution center, full-cycle manufacturing enterprise, marketplace, e-commerce center, wholesale distributor, 3PL operator, as well as holdings with warehouse chain.

WMS systems offered by Columbus are distinguished by the introduction of the most modern technologies: adaptable customizability and standard WMS functionality allow you to get a ready-made business process for a warehouse in minimum period of time: not by attracting expensive specialists, but thanks to variable internal system settings.

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