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Reserve services, rooms, or resources within Dynamics 365 Commerce

Reserve services, rooms, or resources within Dynamics 365 Commerce

Say goodbye to double bookings and under-used resources, and maximize use of your rooms, resources, and professionals with minimum effort.

LS First for bookings is an agile booking system that covers all your reservation operations. It runs in the same system you use to manage your products, sales and financials, and it has the same interface and logic – so you don’t need any training to use it.

Access your information on any device

Book and manage reservations in your back office and on any point of sale. Connect the solution to your eCommerce site to offer online booking options to customers.

Deliver better service

Recognize returning customers, and give them fantastic, personalized service – for example, you can offer to book them with their favorite technician or at their preferred time before they even ask.

Optimize your use of resources

Whether you are renting conference spaces, booking a specialist’s time, or reserving equipment, LS First for bookings gives you complete visibility over your availabilities, so you can make sure that no resource is under-used.

Cut costs

Reduce duplicate work and increase efficiency by managing bookings for all your locations within a single solution. And as LS First for bookings is available as software as a service (SaaS), you can scale up and down on functionality (and cost!) as you need.

Simplify your work and have it all under control

Keep a clear overview of all your bookings and availabilities, spot inefficiencies and opportunities and use real-time information to maximize revenue and make better business decisions.

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