Educational Relationship Management Engine

EDURME is the driving force behind the relations with the students throughout their entire life cycle. 

From the first moment in which a potential student requests information on academic products and applies for admission to an educational entity, until he or she graduates and becomes a member of the alumni community, EDURME supports and facilitates the different interactions between the student and all the actors within the school, academy, university or business school.

EDURME also includes the management of academic products sheets and incident and request queues, as well as the automation of lead nurturing and lead scoring processes. It also provides the necessary support to undertake the business processes of the Requests for Information and Admission area and to develop a full picture of the student and its academic record, among many other services.

EDURME is based on Dynamics 365 – CRM, Dynamics Social Engagement, ClickDimensions and Azure, to give integrated multichannel support to help improve interaction, operation and relationship with the students and their family environment, as well as with teachers and the entity’s administrative staff

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