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FI Consulting’s Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP) helps government procurement, budget, and progra

Enhance Your Financial Management with ASP: The Ultimate Spending Planner

FI Consulting’s Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP) helps government procurement, budget, and program managers gain end-to-end visibility to their portfolio of planned procurements and empowers collaborative, team-based acquisition planning and management ASP leverages Microsoft technology to deliver enhanced workflow capabilities, procurement portfolio visualization, and process automation to your acquisition workforce and leadership. ASP seamlessly integrates with existing agency systems and manual data capture processes to provide end-to-end coverage for the cradle-to-grave procurement lifecycle.

Key Features:

  • Break Down Barriers: ASP is designed to bridge the gap between disparate procurement and financial data, systems, and processes, empowering collaborative acquisition planning across stakeholder groups and with external parties.
  • Full Lifecycle Productivity: Create, manage, and track the entire acquisition process, from inception to completion.
  • Versatile Spend Plans: Create, manage, track, and compare multiple spend plan versions effortlessly.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Manage concurrent plan versions, like full budgets and contingency plans, without missing a beat.
  • Granular Analysis: Drill down into your plans at multiple levels, from agency-wide budgets to detailed elements.
  • Scenario-Based Planning: Quickly adapt to changing circumstances by creating alternate versions based on custom scenario parameters.
  • Seamless Integration: Work seamlessly within your everyday workspace using native Microsoft Office integration, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.
  • Top-Tier Security: Trust ASP's FedRAMP-certified platform, offering robust security, approvals, auditing, and field-level access controls.
  • Excel Integration: Integrate with MS Excel workbooks through a native XML-based API, simplifying data entry.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: ASP can integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling collaboration across the emerging hybrid workplace
  • Smart Automation: Let ASP automatically determine procurement data based on target award dates and configured parameters.
  • Comprehensive Artifact Tracking: Keep everything organized by tracking artifacts like timelines, scope statements, and market research.
  • Templates & Best Practices: Access a library of pre-defined templates and best practices, ensuring efficient procurement package creation.

Elevate your acquisition and resource planning and management processes with ASP. Unleash the potential of collaborative acquisition and experience a new era of resource efficiency and control.

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