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FedTBM is a TBM framework to provide federal agencies a solution to IT spending reporting

A data-driven value management TBM tool that enables Federal agencies to plan, manage, track, optimize, and report on IT spending across all technology investments. Do you know where your IT investments are going? Are you tracking your investments toward IT modernization versus sustenance? Are you compliant with all your financial reporting requirements and mandates? FedTBM empowers you to make informed spending decisions, realign priorities, increase fiscal transparency, and generate all your financial reports with a few buttons clicks.


  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, it supports easy integrations with financial applications to import all the required financial data.
  • Visually breaks down IT spending with a filterable summary dashboard. Spending can be viewed by cost pools, IT towers, and products/services—all in one central location.
  • Takes all the complexity out to generate OMB-required IT financial reports with a few clicks, allowing you to move quickly through an otherwise drawn-out process.
  • Allows you to channel and scale funding for your digital transformation initiatives, reduce wasteful spending, and aligning investments toward Agency mission goals.

Key Features

  • Less than 5 clicks needed to generate each of your OMB required financial reports.
  • Time-saving capabilities like bulk invoice importing and approval.
  • Quick, codeless integrations with external systems using Power Automate.

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