Dual-write core solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365에 의해

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Enables near-real time integration between Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service

Customers use and monitor their sales processes with the strength of the Common Data Service while all aspects of fulfillment and invoicing take place using the rich functionality of Finance and Operations apps. The dual-write solution allows our customers to not think about these applications as different systems to write to independently; rather, the underlying infrastructure makes it seamless for these apps to write simultaneously. It provides a tightly coupled near-real time and bi-directional integration between the Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service. Once an entity map (Ex: Account – Customer) is enabled for dual-write, any create, update change in the Customer entity in Finance and Operations apps results in writes, in near-real time, to the Account entity in Common Data Service and vice versa.


This dual-write core solution is a required package and contains the metadata for your entity maps and is a pre-requisite to enable dual-write for your organization.

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