Plumsail Forms Designer

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Design SharePoint forms with tabs, complex tables and accordions directly in the browser

By using this tool you will be able to create rich well-styled forms without programming skills. It allows to customize all types of forms in lists, external lists and document libraries.

Setup properties to customize the design of controls and fields according to your needs and the company's brand book. You can hide labels of fields or distribute them vertically, change the size of table cells and titles, make fields read-only, define additional CSS-styles or override defaults.

Make your form dynamic with JavaScript. Plumsail Forms Designer provides rich JavaScript framework based on JQuery library that allows you to add a validation, a conditional visibility, an autofilling and other features in a short time.

The designer requires Silverlight but the final forms work properly in all modern browsers because they are completely based on plain HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Please, use one of the following browsers to design forms:

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