Worksheet Systems - Online Database Add-In


5.0 (2)

A flexible and controlled way to access, store and share your data online

Worksheet Systems - Online Database add-In allows you to access, store and share data online.

With Worksheet Systems AddIn you can:

  • Load tabular data from Worksheet Systems database directly into your sheet.

  • Save data from Excel Sheet into Worksheet Systems Data Table. Any duplicates or missing records will be carefully merged and integrity and consistency with data will be preserved

Core benefits:

  • Data Structure. Allows you to define and control data structure to ensure consistency and integrity across your data.

  • Full Audit Trail. Keep track of who changed your data and when. Audit trail also shows you where the changes were made.

  • Security & Access Control. Permissions allow you to control who can see and edit your data. Share a worksheet or just a portion of one.

  • Cloud Based. Access your data from anywhere, on any device. No need for any additional hardware or software licenses.

  • Leverage all the power of SQL query language with no limits. People familiar with SQL can write complex SQL queries and expose them back to business users as normal Data Tables with live data.

Please note you will need to create a Worksheet Systems account before you can use this add-in. Please visit to create your free Worksheet Systems account.

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