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Import financial data directly into your spreadsheets. Get your free API key today!

Import financial data from the Alpha Vantage Stock API directly into your spreadsheets!

  • Realtime and historical stock data
  • FX and cryptocurrency feeds
  • 50+ technical indicators
  • Global coverage

The financial market data domain is constantly evolving. Please refer to the Alpha Vantage API documentation or this Stock API guide for general tips on working with financial data.

Alpha Vantage basic service is completely free. However, you will need to register for a Free API Key. (No credit card required)

If you need more data than is available with a free API key you can sign up for a paid plan with a Premium API Key.

If you need tick level equity data in your spreadsheets, you can pull this data from your account using your Polygon API key. Alpha Vantage users will enjoy a lifetime 10% discount for their Polygon subscriptions. To unlock the discount, simply sign up for Polygon using your Alpha Vantage user email and enter the code ALPHAV on the subscription page.

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Data returned from spreadsheet functions as dynamic arrays that "spill" to return the entire data array with a single invocation (Currently Monthly/Slow channel). Minimum versions (Windows:Build 12228.20332, Mac: Build 19120802) Prior versions can be used by treating the functions as array functions (CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER).

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