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The SmarterPath Teams App provides native support for our industry proven Solution SmarterPath4O365

Improve Adoption of Teams / Office 365 and Business Performance with integrated Modern Workplace Learning

SmarterPath boosts your existing content from various sources within your Trams and Office 365 environment (SharePoint Online, Yammer, Teams, Sway, Onenote, Delve etc.) and enriches through additional information and knowledge sharing. Add external content and quizzes to accelerate the effect on your employees' competencies and thus your business. Assigned users, may it be administrators, L&D experts or dedicated experts, easily create a so-called “Path” through knowledge, information, people and functions within your Teams and Office 365 environment. SmarterPath, therefore, is also the tool to enable and onboard your users in Microsoft Teams and Office 365, leading to a faster and effective transformation into this new way of working.

SmarterPath in a nutshell:

What is it?

SmarterPath is a digital workplace solution that combines the functions and content of a Social Intranet with those from a Learning Management System (LMS).

What are the Use Cases?


You need to ENABLE SALES with the skills they need by offering them a targeted, low-cost competency programme?

You want to train you CUSTOMER SERVICE without costly downtime?

What are the features?

TEAMS / OFFICE 365 ONBOARDING: Fast onboarding into the Teams and Office 365 universe easy upcycle and the combination of content, -types and formats strengthen peer knowledge distribution.

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT: Speed-up orientation use case building creative expert and employee engagement focused knowledge distribution exploration of “community power”.

KNOWLEDGE BOOSTING: Guide users through content publish content in a structured way manage and report content and user performance combine with managing meetings, events.

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