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netDocShare - Live View & Edit NetDocuments content in Teams

netDocShare Teams app allows users to view NetDocuments content within MS Teams, enabling easy access to relevant firm content right within a Team conversation thread.

Key Features of netDocShare Teams app include:

1) Access NetDocuments content in Teams via adding netDocShare Teams app as new Channel Tab or simply Pin as a personal app.

2) Use the netDocShare Personal app pinned to Teams Navigation bar to quickly access your NetDocuments content such as My Favorite Documents, Recent Documents, and ndThread right within Teams.

3) Reference NetDocuments content within Teams conversations, including edit and update NetDocuments content.

4) View any NetDocuments content in Teams using Standard View, Tree View, Recent Documents, Favorite Documents, or Compact View.

5) Display using Standard View, any NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, SavedSearch, Filters, Folders, Sub-Folders, ShareSpaces, or CollabSpaces right within any Team Channel Tab.

6) Display using Tree View, multiple NetDocuments content sources in a single consolidated view within Teams Channel Tab.

7) Check-in, Check-out, Rename, Lock, Preview, Download, Delete, Get Secured Link, Follow, Create New Version, Mark as Favorite any document in NetDocuments.

8) Collaborate with real-time sharing of NetDocuments within conversations, eliminating the need to leave Teams.

9) View or contribute to NDThread discussions within Teams.

10) Create a New Version of a Document in NetDocuments within Teams.

11) Change Official Version of a Document in NetDocuments within Teams.

12) Display NetDocuments related custom Columns, Profile Attributes, and Multi-value Profile Fields within Teams.

13) View and share NetDocuments CollabSpace content with internal and external users. External users can access CollabSpace content without any NetDocuments subscription within Teams.

14) Get a quick and convenient Live-Preview of any NetDocuments content in Teams.

15) Check-out functionality prevents anyone from editing the document in NetDocuments while a user is updating it in Teams. Check-in allows users to make it available for your team to edit, update, and collaborate.

16) View your NetDocuments related to Favorite Documents within Teams.

17) Lock version of the documents in Teams to disallow further changes or updates within NetDocuments.

18) Share secure links of NetDocuments content users within Teams.

19) Follow any NetDocuments content to track changes and updates via an email notification within Teams.

Install netDocShare Teams app within minutes and rapidly add Channel Tabs to view your favorite NetDocuments content from workspace, cabinet, folder, SavedSearch, Filter, or CollabSpaces.

The netDocShare Teams app augments the power of instant collaboration and communication using MS Teams with advanced Document Management capabilities of NetDocuments to create a modern digital workplace.

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